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This Is My TAO Of Badass Review

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Here’s my TAO Of Badass Review.  Have you heard of this interesting dating manual by Josh Pellicer yet? It’s very popular with single guys.  Single guys aren’t always skilled at getting girls.  I know I wasn’t.  I have suffered from poor results in that area for quite some time.  It gets pretty lonely after awhile.

This Is My TAO Of Badass Review

This Is My TAO Of Badass Review

I wasn’t really going into this hoping to become a ‘ladies man.’  I just wanted to learn enough to get consistent dates. I needed some tips on the best way to approach women and what to say.  Really I needed a lot of help with ‘what not to say.’  When you’re nervous it comes across. If you go for awhile without finding anyone to hookup your nerves will finally get the better of you.  I knew I needed some sort of training but I wasn’t sure where to go.  I heard about TAO of Badass System on the web and decided to give it a look.

I’m usually skeptical about these types of products but I figured I’d give it a shot.  Paying for this would be cheaper than trying to ‘hire a dating coach.’  Plus this is the type of subject you want to avoid discussing with your friends.  It just can’t help the situation to have them making fun of you!

So I read up on the information in TAO of Badass pretty quickly.  I studied it TBH.  I knew I had to have things right before I tried any of it.  I’m the type of guy who likes to prepare so that everything is just right.  I found a few concepts that fell into place for me rapidly.  I was definitely doing certain things wrong when it came to the ladies.  I can’t deny that! So I vowed to get it all right and then try to ‘pick up’ Claire. She’s a girl from work I’ve been interested in for awhile. The whole office gang went out to Friday’s and I got some alone time with her.  I really laid it on thick!  It’s a matter of what you say and how you say it.  Plus a small bit of physical escalation to let her know you’re interested.  I was SHOCKED at the result!  The Tao of Badass is not a scam!

Her and I ended up going out later that same night!  You know what?  I don’t ‘kiss and tell’ but let’s just say it was one of the most memorable night of my life!  All I can say is “Thanks Josh!

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